Wonderland, poem

Oh, oh, oh

The rabbit hole was so inviting.  Down I fell, head over heals over head yet again, yet I still hope to land softly, no broken bones, no bloody nose.  You should have been more honest with me.  I was always honest and tried to…  Tried to, yes, such easy words, tried soooo hard, didn’t you?

I jumped down the rabbit hole, I chose to follow my nose and find the wonderful cinnamon smell, that marvelous maple goodness, that creamy chocolate with a gentle bite, a hidden bitterness to accent the sweetness, so subtle we usually don’t even think about it.

We jump and find ourselves where we are and wonder how we got there but we really know.  Oh, yes, we do, we knew it all along, we just pretended that it wasn’t so, that we never expected what we hoped more than anything would happen would happen.  Wood happens and there is nothing you can do about it.

The call is eternal, the swell of hope in heart that connection might happen and for a moment we might understand that we are not really alone, that connection with other is not only possible but probable, nay actual, if only we can cross that line.

And go down the hole.

Wonderland, poem

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